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Pros And Cons Of Getting Car Serviced From Service Centre


People love their car and if you want that your car goes along with you, you also need to take care of it. This is certain that if you maintain your car well and always caution about the servicing, you might be able to get the best performance of your car. But there is always one question that will arise what will be best for your cars, like just a stand-alone mechanic or authorized service centre? If you have a good mechanic in your hand, that might be a good call for you but still going for a service centre may be the better option. Going with a service centre seems to be a good decision but they are not without cons. The pros of getting your car serviced from the Service centre is more than the cons.


  1. Quick Service: The service centre has a stock of parts and more manpower, so there will always be quicker service. For instance, you went for a car air con service, you might be getting all the required parts and expert workmanship under one roof. Whereas in the case of the mechanic, there is a high probability that they don’t have parts in ready stock and due to limited skilled workers, the car air con service may take longer. When it comes to leaving your car at the workshop, people are usually hesitant because it will make it difficult to commute
  2. Better Quality: The service centre has people who are experts in the particular category or brand of the car. It means if you have some unique model even then you will be able to get you serviced at good quality workmanship. Even if you are living in Shepparton, there is a service centre, you will be happy to take your car to that service centre instead of a random mechanic. Because Shepparton service centres have better resources at their disposal to work on your car.
  3. Guarantee: With a mechanic, you will hardly get any guarantee or warranty for the work done. But in the case of the service centre, whether you go for full service or car air con service, you will be getting a guarantee for some time that it will not need rework. This will give you peace of mind for the work done and will make your money worthwhile



  1. Expensive: Yes, you will get good quality work and quick service but it will come with the cost. Instead, going with a mechanic will save you money but you have to evaluate, your car condition and time is more important than money. In long run, the more money you have spent in the service centre will pay you back as your car was in better hands
  2. Over Billing: You have to be smarter when you go to the service centre, as usual, you will be getting a long list of work to be done. There are usually unnecessary things recommended by the service centre, as they are over-cautious to give the best for your car.